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General Information of the Mahansar Fort Jhunjhunu

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  9 Rooms
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  INR 2,000 to 2,500  USD 50 to 60
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    Mahansar Fort Jhunjhunu 

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  12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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  Child Age Between 0 to 12 years
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  NO Pets are allowed

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  Village Mahansar  
   Locational Advantage
  Located in Jhunjhunu District  
   Nearest Airport
  Jaipur. Airport ( 230 Km's)  
   Nearest Railway Station
  Jaipur (170 Km's)  

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Mahansar is a village of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan, India. It was founded in 1768 by the Thakurs of one of the branch of Shekhawats. It is located in Jhunjhunu district at a distance of 40 km from Jhunjhunu near the trifurcation of Jhujhunu, Churu and Sikar districts.

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Information of the Mahansar Fort Jhunjhunu


Mahansar Fort Shekhawati

History : The Royal Legend Mahansar fort was build in 1768 by Thakur Nahar Singh. The fort is very strong and important from the point of security as it is situated on the location which is surrounded by deep trenches and Racine from all sides. There are two ancient temples and a well in fort which were used during the war. There are 30 bastioned out of which 26 age unmarred and 4 one malted and 2big and strong main gate with polices and baradari witch beautiful paintings. Thakur lakshman singh- he was a brave and perfect warrior during his lifetime he fought many wars. Some of them are-against the minsen against the Thakur Delel Singh of pilani, madan war he also fought war for the marriage of princess Krishna kumani of mewar between the rulers of Jaipur and Jodhpur. Thakur laksman Singh was close friend of maharaja Sawai Jagat Singh of jaipur. Thikhana Mahansar was the grandson of Thakur Nawal Singh of Nawalgarh. Thakur laxman singh s\o sh. Nahar Singh shekhawat 2nd son of Thakur naval Singh of Navalgarh. The most important thing about Mahansar thikana is that it is ruled and administrated by the joint rulers, not following the custom of single monarch like other tikana's the mahansar was having their independent flag which was known as the panchranga. Thakur's of manahar were cested with judicial power and they was also ficen the owner and they was also ficen the owner of common salute. Thakur of mahansar was given the permanent title of rajshree and sonanaersh by the state the country man of mahansar used to address thakur for giving respect as "shreejimaharaj" and "maharajkuvar" to the children of thakurs.

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